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Strange people in an English course in Macerata, Italy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RULES to live by

Here are the rules that we chose as a class--rules to live by. Add your own rules to our comments section!

1. All parents must never abandon their own children.

2. You mustn't worry about other people's opinions.

3. You must live your life with passion and believe deeply in your dreams.

4. You have to respect everyone and also command respect from others.

5. You must turn off the light when you leave the room.

6. You must always want to learn as much as possible. People always have something to give you.

7. You must travel if you want to open your mind to new cultures.

8. You mustn't ever stop.

9. You have to keep family and friends near you, because it is sad to live life alone.

10. You have to stay in good health so that you can enjoy life.

11. You must always feel free to choose. You must keep your options open.

Want to add your own list? Put it on your blog, and let us know--we'll link to it! Also, you can just at your own rules to live by in the comments section, if you'd like.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Once in a Lifetime Activities

Welcome to our First MEME! We are writing a list of our Once in a Lifetime Activities! Everyone can participate--either include a few of YOUR once in a lifetime activities directly in our comments section, or add a list on your own blog (but make sure to tell us, and that way we can link to you!). Read our list of things that we want to do at least ONCE in our lifetimes....

1. Visit New York City :For me, it's very important for an architect to visit New York City, because the town is a symbol of verticality and diverse cultures. In particular, I would like to discover the Guggenheim Museum and the future skyscraper being built as a memorial to the Twin Towers. - Eva

2. Win the Lottery: I'd like to win first prize in the lottery. I have never won the lottery, but I think it might be important for me, because my life would change in a better way. I could have new hair like Silvio Berlusconi, a new car, a new house in the countryside, and a new dog. I also could visit a lot of interesting places, like New Zealand, Mongolia, Patagonia, and Namibia. I could do whatever I want all the time, like writing and publishing books and organising art shows with my paintings. I might also find a new girlfriend and have four or five children. - Renzo

3. Learn a New Language: I think that it is very important to learn a new language. I've never learned a language, in fact I have been studying English in some private schools, but it's very difficult to learn if you don't go to a foreign country. So I'd like to go to the USA to live. Everybody must try to learn another language for travel, work, and holidays. I'm an acrobat, and when I meet a foreign acrobat, I'd like to be able to speak to her in English in order to talk about other circuses in the world. - Tresy

4. Go to Japan: I'd like to go to Japan, because I met some Japanese people in the restaurant where I worked last year, and they were very different from me, especially their culture and their quiet manner. I woudl like to have a lot of money because people say Japan is expensive! - Laura

5. Visit Polynesia: I'have never gone to Polynesia but I would like to visit it. I think it is a fabolos archipelago of islands where the people live in nature, always in contact with tropical fish and coloured flowers. Besides, on the island of Tahiti my favorite painter Gauguin died and I would like to visit his museum. -Federica.

6. Visit the world by Sailboat AND learn to dance the Tango: Two months ago, I took a sailboat course and I received a licence because I love the sea. I would like to visit different cities arund the world by sailboat, meet new friends and visit new countries. I would also like to visit Argentina to learn to dance the tango because I love dancing. I studied classical dance and I also like the Tango. I love Tango because of the music and the sensuality of the dance. - Silvia

more rules soon...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our First Post!


We are creating this blog in order to chat with other friends in English. You can tell us what you want: we have a tourist agencies for Le Marche in Italy, Russia, America, and Australia since we come from different towns. We have a school of classical dance, so if you want to get moving, just come with us! We have a circus, so if you like exotic animals and jugglers, write to us!

But also, if you don't have anything important to say, or you feel a little said, just call us! We are good psychiatrists (and listeners) too!

We hope to meet a lot of people from all over the world!